• Amaterasca

    Welcome friends and visitors, this is Ama. Within the last couple days, the overhaul of the "Hide and go kill Wiki" has been somewhat complete. All pages and images are serving a purpose and everything is categorized for easy finding.

    The next step is adding more articles to this wikia. The criteria for what is acceptable is quite vague, and so I will encourage the addition of any articles you may see fit. I will then inspect the article, if it needs changes or removal. The ranges of what the article can vary between urban legends to entirely fiction. It just needs to be at the same standard of quality as the preexisting articles :)

    If you see any problems or irregularities, feel free to send me a message on my wall here.

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  • Amaterasca

    Hello friends, and visitors. This is Ama, and due to the ongoing mass vandalization of the pages in this wiki by anonymous users, I have done a complete overhaul of all the pages I could find. This includes both the restoration of the pages & reviewing and improving all eight Scary Stories/Paranormal Legends pages, as well as the front page.

    I have inserted a handy dandy HUB to the pages I stated above, and an example of it can be seen below. Thanks for reading, and let's continue improving this wikia as a community.

    These are all of the eight "Scary Games" + "Paranormal Legends": Play at your own risk.
    ✞ Black Cat Scratch ✞
    ✞ Bloody Mary ✞
    ✞ Dark Music ✞
    ✞ Devil Face ✞
    ✞ Hide and Go Seek Alone ✞
    ✞ Samara Sleepover Game ✞
    ✞ The Living Doll ✞
    ✞ The…

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